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With our never-ending variety of games, you might be in for a fun night of non-stop enjoyment, amazing wins, and memorable gaming time. Not in the mood to play alone? Invite your friends and peers to join in the ultimate online casino experience.


Are you a passionate sports fan with a sharp intuition of gaming strategies? Join in our sportsbook and place a bet to celebrate the win of your favorite match with a win of your own.


What is more fun than participating in real-time casino games? Get in the live-action with a variety of live online casino games and enjoy the rush of winning big in our trusted platform.


A new arrival in online casinos? Try a hand of slots. With the colourful graphics and diverse range of symbols and numbers, slots games are the most popular casino games in Malaysia.

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Enjoy the best online casino games in Malaysia with vibrant layouts, super-fast navigation and interactive customer service at your fingertips.Enjoy the best online casino games in Malaysia with vibrant layouts, super-fast navigation and interactive customer service at your fingertips.

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Why wait for your winnings to cash out? As the most trusted online casino in Malaysia, LV88 magnifies the joy of your winnings by fast-tracking your payout with lightning speed. So, keep playing our lavish games, and stand a chance to win big and take your winnings home with no lag time.

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Special Rebates High level service support Up to 30,000 Daily Withdrawal Referral Program Tier Upgrade



Special Rebates High level service support Up to 30,000 Daily Withdrawal Referral Program Tier Upgrade



Special Rebates High level service support Up to 30,000 Daily Withdrawal Referral Program Tier Upgrade



Special Rebates High level service support Up to 30,000 Daily Withdrawal Referral Program Tier Upgrade



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Create an LV88 account to enjoy all the best online casino bonuses and promotions among all casino platforms. We are the safest online casino in Malaysia who maintains premium quality games at an exceptionally good value. We strive to reward the best bonuses for our valued customers.


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LV88 is one of those rare online casinos in Malaysia that strives to offer a channel of online entertainment to our valued customers in a positive way. We have major safeguards in place to promote and improve Responsible Gambling to enrich your casino experience.

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LV88 is one of the top online casinos in Malaysia for sports betting entertainment. Every month, we bring you over 4,000 live sports betting arenas in diverse sports categories including soccer and other sports to let you immerse in the thrill of sports betting. Now, you can fulfill your wagering pleasure on your favorite matches in English Premier League, UEFA Champion League, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, German Bundesliga 1, NFL, NBA, NCAA, Women Basketball, Tennis, Formula 1 and many more with LV88’s trusted platform.

Live Casino

A true highlight of online casinos in Malaysia, Live Casino is specially designed to bring you real-life casino experience from the comfort of your home. Play with web celebrities on a variety of games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Poker, Slots, Progressivesx, etc. to win continuously on LV88!


Slots are the most popular games in online casinos in Malaysia because of their super simple rules and colourful layouts. LV88 brings you globally renowned game providers including Pragmatic Play, Spade Gaming, Playtech, Asia Gaming, GSS, World Match, 918Kiss, XE88, Mega888, and Joker so that now, you can play slots on your mobile phones, anytime, anywhere.


LV88 is one of the most secured online casinos in Malaysia. We have a solid and secure betting system in place that keeps the privacy and information of customers strictly protected under confidentiality and privacy policies.


We reward the highest and most attractive deposit bonus and welcome bonus to our valued customers. In addition, we also offer cash rebates to our existing customers to intensify your winnings.

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LV88 makes online casinos in Malaysia super easy with the availability of multiple payment options to deposit and withdraw your funds when you win a certain amount. It’s to make sure that your payment process is fast and efficient to offer you maximum flexibility.


All your queries will be answered in LV88’s FAQ page. It boasts information on general help, account registration, deposit and withdrawal of funds, technical help and mobile help. And if you have any exceptional queries, you can always ping our customer service.

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Malaysia is a country of diversity and has a way of innovation against all odds. And when we talk about odds and betting, gambling is an automatic concept in the back of our mind. But how is it possible to go out to have some casino time for some good old gambling fun? Turns out, you don’t have to go out! Today, when the whole world is confined to their houses to win the battle against the big bad evil of the Pandemic, Covid-19, you can still spice up your life and bring a little excitement to this life of house arrest by playing online casino and earn some extra cash in the process.

Online casinos can be a good way to pass your time and hear that cha-ching sound of money coming in while having a fun time. Now, with the availability of online casinos in Malaysia, you will not even have to step out of the house to enjoy these exciting variety of online casino games. You can simply sit in front of your laptop or mobile, and conveniently play the best kind of online casino games as much as your heart wishes without any physical obstacles. 

All you need is a decent internet connection and a bank account, and you can continue to have the best online casino experience at the palm of your hands. Besides, trusted online casinos in Malaysia like LV88 empowers you to place bets and gamble in online casinos with the best security and safety, so that you do not fall prey to any money scammers while enjoying the games.

Online casino in Malaysia are crafted using robust software giving you access to a pool of diverse online casino games. While there are thousands of online casino available in the market, LV88 is one of the best online casino at your fingertips which gives you a secured and hassle-free access to play live casino online and enables you to enjoy free credit, incredible promotions, rebates, and bonuses to make your online casino experience more enjoyable.

So, before you get started, let us look at the different online casino in Malaysia available to you:



Baccarat is the simplest game of cards you get to play. It is fun and easy to master and hence the most popular among online casino gamers. In Baccarat, you usually have a value that is stated on the cards except for card 10, Jack, Queen and King, which have a value of zero. All other cards in the deck regardless of the suits, have a value depending on the number stated on the cards such as 5,6,8 and 9. The rule to win this game is that when you play the cards, you need to get closest to a value of 9 on the hands played.

Baccarat has a lot of variations to give you the best online casino experience. The most popular variations are Baccarat, Seven up, 7 seat, Live progressive, VIP, No Commission Mini and No Commission 7 seats. Now, you can play a hand of Baccarat in LV88 with a few simple clicks in your laptop or mobile screen to get started on the thrill of live casino online. 



Get the real feel of betting money by playing roulette on an online casino in Malaysia. With live dealers, regulated standards, and a table layout, you will feel like you are playing in a real-life casino. 

To play roulette, you need to buy some chips first to place your bets on the table. You will be given multi-colour chips so that the dealers can recognize them easily while dealing. With the chips, you can either place big bets, wagering on more risks or spend small and play it safe, depending on your preference.

To get started, you can either play on the outside chances or the inside bets. Among the outside chances in Roulette, you can play your hands at 1-18, Even, Red, Black, Odd or 19-36. However, if you want to get your hands on an inside bet, you can place bets on a set of numbers on the table. The variation of inside bets include triple, straight, split, corner, 6-number, and 5-number bets.

Now that you know the basics of the oh so famous roulette, are you excited to try some good old roulette betting in an online casino? Play your first hand of roulette at LV88 and unlock more exciting live casino games online with surprising promotions waiting for you



Blackjack is a card game just like Baccarat with a few variations in rules. All the cards in the deck will be equal to their face value except the Ace, which can either be counted as 11 or 1, at your discretion. Your goal would be to keep your hand close to 21 without exceeding it. For example, if you wind up with a hand that is higher than the dealer but does not exceed 21, you win!

Exciting right? Imagine getting the hype of this intense thrilling game by comfortably sitting in your sofa bed and winning real money in a trusted online casino in Malaysia. There is no better way to spend a Saturday evening than playing a light hand of Blackjack in an online casino. If you are getting the tingling sensation of joining the fun, just browse through LV88 website to know more.


Ultimate HOLDEM

HOLDEM is another genius online casino game in Malaysia that regular betters are very fond of. Once, you master the rules of the game, it becomes amazingly simple and super fun to play. In Ultimate HOLDEM, first you will be given two personal cards along with 5 community cards to make the best combination of 5-card poker hand combinations to beat the dealer’s poker hand.

The most widely known hands are the Royal flush which includes a 10, Jack, Queen and King. We are sure you have heard of these terms before and now you know what they are. So, try your own hands at a live casino online with a play of Ultimate HOLDEM and win a hand of poker to indulge in your casino cravings.

LV88 makes your online casino experience very real and visually exciting. You can play HOLDEM to win a straight flush or 5 sequential cards of the same suit such as 3 of a kind, 2 pairs, a pair, and a high card to get the thrill of this highly demanding game.

Slot Online

Slot games are the heart of all casino games that drew people in the 1900s to indulge in the casino experience. We, for one, have seen that episode of Friends, “The One in Vegas” multiple times where Phoebe tries her hand at slots games and gets outwitted by an old lady.

When you see casinos in movies or TV series, slot game machines are the first to catch your eyeballs. And now, with online casino in Malaysia available on your laptop and mobile screens, you can try your hands at the different slot games with even better layouts, themes, and graphics than you can find in land-based casinos.

The versatility of slot games is abundant. LV88 is one of the best online casino gaming sites where you get to play slot games featuring numbers and symbols with a multi-level selection to increase your chances of winning. Enjoy progressive jackpot, multiple reel slot games, bonus rounds, free spin slot games and many more in a trusted online casino to win big and have even bigger fun time.

Sport Betting

Have a sharp intuition on everything sports? Then you must be perfect as a leading Sports better. Betting on sports is not new for our beloved casino players. But, with hundreds of casinos sprouting their heads in the digital space, it is difficult to find the right fit where you get to indulge in the true experience of sports betting.

The best sports betting must have some green ticks to enhance your experience. LV88 is one of the trusted online casinos in Malaysia that have all these green ticks under its belt to make your online casino experience more exciting.

It is available with current updates and events on sports and boasts a secured platform where you can bet on live casinos while a sport is running. You do not even have to be in front of your laptop to place your bets. You can simply use your tablet or smartphone to bet from a wide selection of games to hedge your betting and wedger on bigger stakes.

Besides, Malaysia is a country with earnest football fans, so we bring you our platform where you can bet on your favourite football leagues from all over the world including Europe, South America and Asia and get a minute by minute follow up on the game to easily place your bet and have the utmost fun. Excited? Log in to LV88 and try a round of sports betting today.


If you have luck for winning streaks, then 4D must be your favourite casino game. Online casino in Malaysia are booming with one of the most popular games being 4D because it is super easy to understand even with minimal knowledge on betting and gambling.

4D is similar to winning a lottery. You simply have to pick a 4-digit number from a pool of 0000 to 9999 to bet. Then the game draws 23 winning numbers on certain days of a week. If your selected number matches with the winning numbers announced on these days, you will win the bet.

Online casino in Malaysia offer 3 different types of 4D games to indulge you including Sports Toto, Magnum 4D and Da Ma Chi. Now, you can play on the best online casino in Malaysia, LV88 to try your hands in these simple 4D games of your choice. Spare a few minutes to log into our site and start betting your lucky number to win a game of 4D.


Poker is another super amazing and thrilling online casino game. There are a diverse set of poker games available in online casino in Malaysia to play at your heart’s desire from the comfort of your home. 

Ultimate HOLDEM is one such example of poker games that is available online as we have featured above. Other poker games such as Pot Limit Omaha, Caribbean Stud Poker, Video Poker, Pai Gow Poker and Online Poker Tournaments are also quite popular in Malaysia.

To get started, you can simply register to a trusted online casino like LV88 and start your first hand at a poker play. You will get exciting offers on your deposit and amazing promotional deals to spice up your fun even more.

Some FAQs on online casino games in LV88 that you should know:

1. Is online casino legal in Malaysia?

Yes. Online casino in Malaysia are regulated by the Government and semi-religious authorities to provide you a secured platform to enjoy your casino games.

2. What type of games can I play in LV88?

LV88 offers a palette of diverse online casino games such as slot games, poker, Baccarat, Black Jack, sports betting to name a few. You can choose from this wide array of games to experience online casinos from the comfort of your home.

3. Are there any promotional deals in LV88?

Yes. You can enjoy unlimited 2% bonus deposit, rebates with no tier and other amazing promotional deals on selected online casino games to make your casino experience more interesting.

4. Are the betting results in LV88 accurate?

Yes, LV88 chooses the best and certified online casino platforms to provide 100% real betting results for the safety and security of the players registered in our platform.

5. What happens if I run into any problems on the LV88 site?

We have a robust support team 24/7 to attend to your needs and queries and guide you to a solution for any trouble that you run into our platform.


6. Why does my live video game hang sometimes?

If you have a poor internet connection or internet service provider (ISP), then it may cause your game to hang. It can also be due to a device problem or driver issue. To continue the game, restart the game client and access the particular game again. If you are still having problems, ping our customer service for immediate assistance.

7. How to fix a problem with my connection, download or login?

Contact our customer service for immediate assistance. 


Online casinos can be super fun to play alone or with your peers. You get the real-life environment of a physical casino and a pool of diverse games to select from without queuing or being packed in a crowd. Get all the fun of a casino without any of the hassle in LV88 and enjoy live casino in the most secured and easily accessible platform. Sign up today to book a joy ride at the casino.

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