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Sports betting in Malaysia is one of the leading betting games in casinos. Sports enthusiasts love to get their hands on some real betting on their favorite clubs and leagues as winning the bets is an extra adrenaline rush to an already pulsing match. Especially in Malaysia, people are extremely passionate about sports and that is why the majority of Asian sportsbooks are present here to indulge the avid sports fans.

Today, all the sportsbooks in Malaysia are unified under one single body to reach the maximum number of sports betting players. However, not long ago, sportsbooks used to be a separate entity than casinos. Where casinos were more focused on gaming, sportsbooks specialized in sports betting of all kinds. However, over the years, sportsbooks felt the challenge of reaching the optimal level of hype they were expecting from Malaysia since the country promises a wide market of potential sports betters.

So, in the later years, they merged with the casinos to offer Malaysians better accessibility, compliance, and ease to bet on sports, and ever since then, they have been vibrantly growing their market in Malaysia. Currently, sportsbooks in Malaysia have a RM 4 billion market with over 90% of the wagers coming from football betting.

What type of sports betting are available in Malaysia?

Though Malaysia is dominant with a majority of football fans, you may be looking for some more variety. Well, the Malaysian sportsbooks do not disappoint you. They bring you the most exciting games and matches around the globe for your betting indulgence. You will not be bored for a second once you enter this magnetic world of online sports betting.

For example, if you are interested in sports toto online betting on football matches, you can place bets on “HAD”, “Pointspread”, “Total over”, “Correct score” and “Win”. These features are available for all kinds of football matches including the World Cup, Champions League, English Premier League, etc. Whereas if you wish to bet on basketball matches including NBA and FIBA, you can unlock betting methods such as “Handicap”, “Total over” and “Win difference. ”

There are numerous sportsbooks in Malaysia, each specializing in niche sports or betting methods. Let’s check out some of the top sportsbook betting platforms in Malaysia that provides you interesting features and facilities to bet on your favorite matches online:

1. OneWorks Sportsbook

OneWorks Sportsbook can be best described as the ultimate flexible sportsbook platform. It has an interesting palette of features that enables casino operators to effectively license it as it is the complete sportsbook package. It provides a wide variety of sports categories for you to bet and enjoy online sports betting in a mobile setting anywhere, anytime. It does not even shy away from third-party providers or exclusive systems as well to enhance your sports betting journey all the way.

With its roots in Taiwan, OneWorks sportsbook is best known for its interactive features and cutting edge approach to meet the demands of customers. It offers a diverse range of betting formats, events, and odd offerings in multiple languages so that you can play conveniently.

Plus, OneWorks bring in the highly trending in-running betting in their platforms which has become the new sports betting favorite among players. That is why OneWorks is sought after by Malaysian online casinos as they can boast the in-running sports betting with a full-fledged menu of in-play events without having to bear the extra cost of hiring, resource and recruiting intensive trading teams.

This robust and highly secured platform is surely here to stay with much more mesmerizing to offer now and in the future. So, if you see any platform present with OneWorks sportsbook, it is surely worth a try to register there and enjoy their amazing gaming experience.

2. WFT Sportsbook

WFT Sportsbook is not your ordinary sports betting game provider. Starting almost 15 years back in 2004, it is known as Winning FT that provides an enriching online platform to bet on sports in Malaysia. Since its initial days, it has grown larger and added many interesting features and attributes to add to you ease when you bet on sports in this platform.

It is in an ongoing pursuit of making your betting experience a great one. Currently, it has a diverse category of sports you can pick for betting from football to golf to many more. The layout of the platform is simple and energetic to keep you hooked on your betting indulgence.

Other than sports betting, WFT goes the extra mile on offering other e-games, arcades and slot games, and even in-built poker games. So, when you are not betting on sports, you can get a taste of these different casino games on the same platform to enjoy some awesome gaming experience with the chance of increasing your savings.

3. Bodog88

If you wish to experience sports betting in a unique Asian setting, Bodog88 should be your ultimate choice. Bodog88 developed its online sportsbook with English and 2 different Chinese dialects so that you can operate your betting with a familiar language. Besides, it provides you a diverse range of currencies and deposit options so that you can play on Bodog88 in an instant. Not to mention, it also has a 100% sign up bonus up to CNY 1,088 to give a boost on your sports betting journey.

4. Dafabet

Dafabet is one of the coolest sportsbooks available in Malaysia. With a 160% bonus up to RM 450, Dafat also supports Malaysian odd formats to increase your chances of a win. On this sportsbook, you will get to bet on the top Asian handicap lines and if you run into any trouble, you can contact them on the live chat which is available 24/7 for your convenience

5. Bet365

Extremely suitable to Malaysian sports betters, bet365 enables you to participate in takraw betting and take part in Malaysia Super League. With other virtual sports also in its large pool of sports category, bet365 is a favorite among Malaysians. Plus, on signing up with bet365, you will get to enjoy 15% credit on bet up to $60.

6. 1Xbet

1Xbet is an excellent sportsbook for football enthusiasts. You can use their in-play live action to get better odds on football sports betting and support the Malaysian dragons. Plus, 1Xbet is an interactive platform with over 25 currency options so that you can play with diverse currencies. As a bonus, you will also get to enjoy a 100% sign up bonus up to RM 500 on joining this amazing sportsbook.

7. BetWinner

BetWinner is a flexible sportsbook with competitive odds on ABL and NBA matches. To make transactions easy, they have e-wallets so that you can transfer your currency in an instant to take part in their virtual sports. Plus, you will also enjoy a 100% bonus up to RM 500 on signing up with BetWinner to experience enjoyable sports betting time.

8. BetOnline

If you wish to have early pay lines and fast payouts on your winnings with awesome promotional features, then BetOnline is your perfect sportsbook. It has a kick-ass welcome bonus that offers 50% signup bonus up to $1000 to get your footing in the betting arena. Plus, you can earn extra from their refer-a-friend program to get little extra savings. Apart from that, BetOnline makes sports betting fun and less risky by offering you a $125 worth risk-free bets if you select player props while wagering on their platform.

9. SportsBetting

SportsBetting comes from the same family of BetOnline which vouches for its reputation of amazing promotions and wild features. SportsBetting makes online betting super easy with its wide array of betting options and attractive 50% signup bonus up to $1000. Plus, this online sportsbook lets you participate in live betting on various categories of sports to spice up your betting experience.

10. Intertops

Intertops has more than one bonus to keep you boosted in the betting arena. It has a wide palette of sports to choose from including football, baseball, soccer, tennis, basketball, esports, and many more. With such versatile options of sports, you can play on Intertops all day long. They have 4,000 daily wagers and live scoring so that you can track your betting status in real-time.

Don’t have time to sit in your PC to bet on your games? Don’t worry! Intertops has the best mobile interface to make your sports betting experience absolutely portable. With 100% sign up bonus up to $100, take advantage of Intertops’ amazing gaming features to bet on your next favorite match.

11. Spin Palace Sports

Spin Palace Sports is already a successful casino that has developed its own online sportsbook to give you more options to indulge in your sports betting desires. It features all kinds of sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, CFL and Formula 1 to get your adrenaline running when you bet on these highly popular games. Plus, the live odds and lines on everything make it the most amazing sportsbook to play on. It even has a 100% sign up bonus up to $400 so that you can enjoy sports betting without emptying your pocket.

12. 22bet

22bet is another enigmatic sportsbook that has it all. You can bet on a wide variety of sports as it provides a combination of top European, British, and North American sports such as soccer or football, hockey, tennis, basketball, baseball, etc. To add to your enjoyment, 22bet offers greater odds and live betting feature to bet on the most popular matches on the go. Plus, if you sign up with 22bet, you will get a 100% sign up bonus up to $122 which can boost your betting strategies even more.

13. Betway

Get your kick on live betting? Betway brings you an In-play button to enjoy live sports events and allows you to place ongoing bets to spice up the match. With easy to use mobile interface and plethora of language available, you can access this sportsbook from anywhere in the world and track your betting progress anytime. Plus, it has sport-specific bonuses with a 100% signup bonus up to $100, even before you start winning the bets, giving you something extra to start betting.

14. Pinnacle Sports

Pinnacle Sports is not only known by Malaysian sports betters but recognized all over the world due to its high betting limits and diverse range of wagering options. In addition to that, this online sportsbook offers you a wide berth of sports category to bet on from football, basketball, soccer, boxing to endless other games. Get your sports betting experience from Pinnacle Sports with a 5% bonus on sign up today.

15. Bet333

There is a thin line between being a sports fan and sports better. Bet333 gives you the right incentive and the perfect features to place bets on your favorite matches. They even offer you a 10% daily deposit bonus to keep your spirits boosted. So, to win a game of big bucks, Bet333 is a fun online sportsbook in Malaysia.

16. SunCity

SunCity is a multi-featured online casino that not only offers online sports betting but also has other casino games such as poker, live baccarat, and other gambling sports to pique your interest. However, its mostly known as a reliable sportsbook as you will get to bet on a diverse category of matches in their platform. Plus, the most loyal clients are awarded fascinating offers and welcome promotions to join the platform.

17. 11Clubs

There is no better rush than seeing your favorite team win, except only if that win coincides with your win on the sports bet. 11Clubs makes it possible to put bets on your favorite match and celebrate their win with stakes of your own. Plus, you will get a daily 7% deposit up to RM 10 to keep you boosted on the next match you bet on.

Why LV88 is an ultimate casino platform to experience the best sports betting?

When you enter the colourful ambiance of online casinos, you may often be confused about how to play sport betting, especially if you are a first-timer. But, with our flexible and trusted platform, you can find out how easy it is to bet on different sportsbooks from our platform to enter the world of online sports betting.

We welcome sports betting on all kinds of games such as football, basketball, tennis and many more. Whether you are a diehard fan of sports or just curious to explore the layers of sports betting, we give you a warm welcome. We will equip you with the latest information on your selected sports, the match statistics, historical results, and detailed match reports so that you are fully informed and ready when placing a bet on a specific match.

The only thing you will need is an active internet connection and a bank account to place your bets. LV88 has a 24/7 customer service who will attend to your queries. Besides, if you are curious to learn some neat trick or strategy to win your hand of sports betting, our team can help you to enhance your betting strategies as well.


With all the above sportsbooks available, now you can place your sports bet on your preferred game with your choice of features and benefits. Plus, LV88 makes your sports betting experience even more exciting by adding on extra layers of security, easily accessible betting techniques, and a wide category of sports betting options. Sign up with LV88 today to enjoy the best of the sportsbooks and stand a chance to win big with the backing of a trusted and reliable platform like us.