Shark Slot Games in Malaysia

What Treasure is inside the sea?

Swim into the deep seawater and experience a nail-biting game with wild sharks and other sea creatures. This unorthodox game of slots was developed by Push Gaming. Push Gaming was formed in 2010 with the vision of bringing the experience of slots from land-based casinos to our home. Now, with their superb quality of HTML based games, your mobile and laptop screen can light up with the colourful sea creatures of the deep blue water and take you to a thrilling adventure in the sea.

What’s most fascinating about the shark slot game is its ambience. The serenading music of the sea and the exotic sea creatures like Clownfish, Dories, Puffer Fish, Giant Turtle and the elegant Angelfishes make the sea full of promising surprises and potential winnings. You can witness these magnificent creatures and earn amazing prizes. Besides, the mysterious sea holds many other treasured bonuses apart from winning against the hungry sharks that make this shark game an absolutely unique product of slots.

Let’s dive deeper to know how this wild world of the shark slot game works:

What’s inside the sea?

Once you dive deep into the water, you can embark on a journey of underwater quest where every turn in the sea will hold bonuses, bonus spins, extra bonus spins and lucrative features that you can reap and be rich.

Think of yourself as a treasure hunter and the sea creatures as the treasures. Your job is to hunt down as many bonus treasures as possible to get you an edge on the game. Each sea creature swimming around you has a prize hiding on them. The prizes also come in symbols and numbers. You have to catch them before the razor sharped sharks come and gobble them up. And of course, bet against the sharks to achieve the ultimate win.

Fishy treasures!

Okay, so as we told you, all the fishes in the sea have bonus points but it may not be possible to chase them all at once. So, strategize to find the ones with the bigger bonuses. Let’s get to know how much points do the inhabitants of the sea holds! The seashells you will see floating in the water pays up to 1,000 coins. While the cute little starfishes and clownfish pay out double, up to 2,000 coins each.

However, peel your eyes out for the bigger fishes such as dories which pay up to 3,000 coins, pufferfish that can pay up to 5,000 coins, the enigmatic angelfish that is prized up to 10,000 coins and the giant turtles that pay a magnanimous 15,000 coins at maximum. But the one gem that holds the most bonuses is the Jewelled Crowns which can shower you with a whopping 50,000 coins if you are lucky. So, bring your best pair of goggles to catch these sneaky fishes to rake some bonuses to gear up your shark game online.

Scary mean sharks

The sharks are your antagonist in your wild sea adventure. If you can emerge as a winner beating the sharks, your underwater quest is accomplished. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be alone when you are fighting these razor sharped bloodthirsty sharks. You can bring your team of allies or even your competitors to bait out the game. So, invite your friends or frenemies, whoever you like to play the shark slot game with you and together get the chance to defeat the big bad sharks to rake up amazing winnings.

To get started, you can begin the shark slot games by choosing the lines of pay. You can select a playline of 10, 20, 30, 40 or 50 on any spins and then place a bet of 1 coin for each line with a minimum bet of 10 coins. However, if you are feeling motivated and determined to win bigger and better, scale up your wagers up to 1,000 coins in total on your selected spin.

Now, when you are up against the sharks, you will find that there are 5 different types of sharks: blue sharks, purple sharks, orange sharks, green sharks and white sharks. The best strategy to win big is to fill up the 5 reels with symbols of all these sharks. Each shark has its own specialty. For example, the orange shark holds the maximum amount of winning at 2,500 coins if you succeed to land 5 orange sharks straight on a line. On the other hand, the white sharks are the wildest among the lot which possesses 5,000 coins, the highest prize if you can land them straight at 5 in a row.

Finders Keepers BONUS

There is no shortage of charming sea bonuses in the wild shark games of slots. However, you have to find it to keep it. You will find different symbols floating in the sea, all of them together will create paths of multiple winning lines in your spins. You have to catch these symbols before they are eaten up by the monstrous sharks. Aim to collect the symbols on reel 2, 3, and 4 to unlock the ultimate bonus spin on reel 5. During your bonuses, if you witness another bonus symbol in the centre of the reel, you will be destined to even more bonus.

You can stake these winnings on a mystery playing card as well. If you can choose the right combination of cards, you can multiply your winnings to double or even quadruple. Other than that keep an eye for free spins and bonus multipliers which can be as high as 2,500x to increase your payouts to some seriously big money.


Shark slot game online gives you ultimate realistic gaming experience with abundant promises of winning. The shark slot game is in fact a high volatility game with Return to Player (RTP) of 96.70%. So, if you are an avid gamer with a tug towards slot games in Malaysia, the wild shark game can be your next adventurous ride. Just go to LV88 and play the shark slot at your heart’s desire in the most trusted casino online in Malaysia.