As online casino Malaysia platforms continue to adjust and grow despite the COVID-19
pandemic and movement control order (MCO), engaging the services of established
and reputable online casino Malaysia providers will be far more crucial than before. In
this regard providers with limited resources and inconsistent track records will have a
hard time surviving, leading the way for their larger rivals to monopolise and dominate.

What will this mean for an online casino Malaysia player like you? Which provider
should you go with, knowing that the economy has changed things? While we can’t
make that decision for you, we can surely make it easier. So let us introduce to you one
online casino Malaysia provider with an excellent reputation and the staying power to
remain for the long term: iSoftBet.

What makes them special? Let us look a little into how they have reached their current

The British Invasion Returns to Malaysia

Much like how the British empire previously changed our country in so many ways, the
online casino Malaysia industry has been heavily affected by this UK provider’s entry as
iSoftBet Malaysia. For additional details, reference all the online casino games australia real money. Established and primarily based in the United Kingdom, they started
off by appealing to several countries within the European market like Alderney, Belgium,
Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Spain and Switzerland.

With Europe done and Asia being next, Malaysia eventually became one of their
mainstays. Because of this, iSoftBet Malaysia started to constantly compete with
providers like Asia Gaming and Playtech during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So what do they offer as one of the bigger online casino Malaysia providers?

Branded Casino Slots & Live Casino Games

iSoftBet Malaysia’s main unique selling point compared to the rest would most definitely
be their branded casino slots. What does that even mean? Well imagine your typical
slot game, but heavily inspired by your favourite movies or TV shows. You may say,
“What, like a slot game of the Paranormal Activity horror film?” in which case you would
be absolutely right!

iSoftBet slot Malaysia games are unique for having exclusive licenses to a lot of pop
culture’s greatest sensations, so that every big win you hunt for is incredibly fun and
nostalgic at the same time. Below is a list of some branded iSoftBet games within the
slot category:

  • Paranormal Activity
  • 24
  • Jackpot Rango
  • Rambo
  • The Love Guru

Of course if you would rather bet and play on their more traditional casino slots, here
are some of them for your reference:

  • Fu Fortunes Megaways
  • Dragon Match Megaways
  • Majestic Megaways
  • Prosperity Ox
  • The Great Wall
  • Hot Spin Deluxe
  • Lucky Dragon
  • Vegas High Roller
  • Fortune Pig

And if you are bored with these slot games, feel free to try out the iSoftBet casino online
games that are of the live casino category. They may not be iSoftBet Malaysia’s
greatest when compared to their slot games, though they are still very good. Below are
some of the iSoftBet casino online games that you might be familiar with:

  • Big Win Baccarat
  • European/American Roulette
  • Blackjack Singlehand/Multihand
  • Roulette 3D
  • Roulette VIP

There are much more live casino games than what the list above shows, so you will
have plenty to bet and play with!

In Summary

iSoftBet Malaysia is definitely one of the front runners when it comes to being an
established and popular online casino Malaysia provider, so choosing them over others
will not be difficult for the following reasons:

  • iSoftBet’s success in adapting to the Malaysian market, as the British invasion
    returns to Malaysia.
  • With their branded casino slots & live casino games, they cover almost every
    betting/playing need except for sportsbook.

If you are ready to give them a chance, iSoftBet Malaysia could be the one to bring you
your next big win. So go and get lucky!