Enjoying casino slots in your preferred online casino Malaysia platform with a localised
experience, is a very nice combo of achieving big wins in this country. This isn’t
something that can be easily attained, but online casino Malaysia providers are
allocating a lot of resources into ensuring that players like you enjoy the games you bet
and play on.

So when it comes to a casino slots provider that caters to the local community, which
one should you pick? Well we can’t make that decision for you, but we can make it
easier by suggesting a provider with games that are made for Malaysians to bet and
play: GSS (also known as GamingSoft).

You may or may not have heard of them before, but they are known to be…

The Malaysian Underdog of Slot Games

When it comes to the world of casino slots, top providers like Playtech and Pragmatic
Play tend to dominate the online casino Malaysia market. But despite not possessing
the same scale and resources as its rivals, GSS has managed to make an impact
amongst online casino Malaysia platforms and its players through games that are made
for the Malaysian market.

Branding themselves as GSS Malaysia, their casino slots have ended up becoming very
popular amongst online casino Malaysia players. Even though they only contain just
over 60 slot games, each game is optimised for a more local experience.

Below are some of the GSS online casino slots that are very popular:

  • Midnight Carnival
  • Bruce the Legend
  • Sparta’s Legacy
  • Evil King Ox
  • Lucky Fortune
  • God of Three
  • Bloody Seduction
  • Legend of the White Snake
  • Fortune Dance
  • Sexy Beach Party
  • Justice Bao
  • Paris of the East

There are much more games than what the list above shows, so you will not run out of
any so soon! But what if you want to play much more than just casino slots? Well, GSS
Malaysia also has…

Presence in Live Casino and Sportsbook

The live casino and sportsbook category may not be as great as their slot games, but
the GSS online casino experience also provides variety that are good enough to satisfy
your needs as an online casino Malaysia player with big ambitions for big wins. Do not
expect them to be as impressive as providers like Asia Gaming and Winning FT when it
comes to the live casino and sportsbook side of things, though don’t be surprised when
you find games and betting avenues from other providers within the GSS Malaysia
experience! That is because they also collaborate and form partnerships with other
providers, so by choosing GSS Malaysia you will also gain access to live casino and
sportsbook opportunities that come from those like Playtech and Asia Gaming.

Below are some of the games that GSS Malaysia provides within those two categories:

  • Baccarat (Live Casino)
  • Roulette (Live Casino)
  • Blackjack (Live Casino)
  • Poker (Live Casino)
  • Football (Sportsbook)
  • Horse Racing (Sportsbook)
  • Car/Motorcycle Grand Prix Racing (Sportsbook)
  • Badminton (Sportsbook)

In Summary

Choosing to go with GSS Malaysia may not sound as straightforward as more popular
choices, though they are able to hold their own and provide you with a good experience
in all three online casino Malaysia categories. That is because they have these two
things going on for them:

  • They are the Malaysian underdogs of slot games, with memorable casino slots that
    will keep you hooked.
  • Solid presence in live casino and sportsbook via collaborations and partnerships with
    other online casino Malaysia providers.

Why not? Give GSS Malaysia a try with your free credit, and see if they are the right
one to reward you with attractive winnings. Play on!