Asia Gaming

The online casino Malaysia landscape has seen its fair share of providers that compete
against each other in providing top-quality games and betting opportunities for
Malaysian players. While this complicates any decision-making ability for you to choose
the right provider in your preferred online casino Malaysia platform, competition is
always good
in ensuring that you will always have a good winning experience with
minimal issues.

To help you decide on a reputable online casino Malaysia provider, it is time for us to
write about one of the best ever: Asia Gaming. You have probably heard of them
before, as they are very much a household name amongst players from different online
casino Malaysia platforms.

What makes them stand out as one of the greatest online casino Malaysia providers,
then? Well, it started off with…

The Malaysian Invasion

With humble origins after being licensed by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming
Corporation (PAGCOR), Asia Gaming established their base of operations in the
Philippines itself in 2012. Immediately within a few years they went and dominated the
Asia Pacific market, with Macau being one of their major success stories. Then after
that came the successful Malaysian invasion, solidifying their presence as Asia Gaming
Malaysia with their highly immersive live casino games and highly rewarding casino

Despite having faced stiff competition even until now, Asia Gaming Malaysia continued
to provide fun experiences that came with the necessary big wins to convince almost
every Malaysian player out there.

What made Asia Gaming Malaysia so successful then?

The Ultimate Live Casino-Slot Combo

It is extremely challenging for many online casino Malaysia providers to provide
excellent live casino games AND casino slots at the same, purely because of how
resource-intensive it is to really excel at two different categories. In a way this
determines how big, resource-rich and well-prepared an online casino Malaysia provider
is. Most will just specialise in either the live casino or casino slots category while
keeping their operations lean and minimalistic. Not for Asia Gaming, though.

Replicating their previous success in a developed online casino market like Macau, they
made sure that their services across all categories are the best of the best. This makes
it incredibly easy for players to convert, because they are neither average at both nor
focused on one. They are equally great as Asia Gaming Online Casino and Asia
Gaming Slots, which plays a huge part in ensuring that they stay as one of the best
online casino Malaysia providers.

Here are some of the best games from Asia Gaming Online Casino and Asia Gaming

  • Live Baccarat (Live Casino)
  • Live Roulette (Live Casino)
  • Sic Bo (Live Casino)
  • Bullfight (Live Casino)
  • Win Three Cards (Live Casino)
  • Bull Bull (Live Casino)
  • Motor Gear (Casino Slots)
  • Aerial Warfare (Casino Slots)
  • God of Land (Casino Slots)
  • God of Bag Monk Fortune (Casino Slots)
  • God of Fortune (Casino Slots)
  • Sexy Maid (Casino Slots)

Above demonstrates just how versatile and popular Asia Gaming Malaysia has become
throughout the years since they first entered the country and given its players fantastic
big wins.

In Summary

Very few online casino Malaysia providers would be able to challenge Asia Gaming
Malaysia’s superior strength in both the live casino and casino slots category, for the
following reasons:

  • A strong track record across Asia Pacific (especially Macau), which allowed them to
    launch the Malaysian invasion and become one of the country’s greatest providers.
  • Its strength as the ultimate live casino-slot combo as both Asia Gaming Online
    Casino and Asia Gaming Slots.

Asia Gaming is only getting started though, as it is currently putting in effort to
successfully capture the European market as well. But for you, the decision may be
easier now. If you are up for it, download that Asia Gaming APK for your Android phone
(disregard this if you are an iOS user), and begin your journey of big bets with big wins!