Allbet Casino Review

Allbet gaming is very popular among Asian and European gaming shows such as G2E Macau and ICE in London. Since its inception in 2014, this Philippine-based company has been in a spree of winning hearts by its innovative gambling and gaming products. Allbet casino has pulled the best creative and innovative minds to join their team so that they can offer the best products and service to you.

Allbet credits its super active team for its grown popularity. The team has a passion for the art of casino and 10 years’ experience to be able to come up with easily accessible and super fun games for the ardent casino lovers. 

What are the specialties of Allbet casino?

Set in the bustling business district of Makati City, Manila, Allbet casino stretches upon 1,500 square meter land with over 400 people running the different levels of the casino. It is known for its Live Dealer Studio which enables you to take part in BidMe Hall, Dragon Hall, Multi-play Hall, and VIP Hall. 

To give customers a truly unique experience, they came up with the multi-player feature in Allbet gaming so that players get a more dynamic feel of the play. The Dragon Hall and Quick Hall offer you the option to bet into 4 or 8 tables. Besides, you have the benefit of distributing 6 cards first and make exclusive use of the VIP table while playing in their many different halls. With such amazing features, Allbet gaming has become one of the most talked-about platform for casino lovers.

Achieving immense success in the land-based casino, Allbet also extended its wing in the online arena to let you enjoy the game from the comfort of your home. Now, you can access e-kiosks, electronic, and computerized table games to get live casino gaming experience at your fingertips.

What type of games can I play in Allbet casino?

Allbet gaming is the master of producing diverse games. To date, they have produced innumerable slot games, poker, live casino online games, lottery games, and probability games. Out of the long list of the games they have developed, Allbet has garnered the best reviews for the live casino games especially baccarat.

Other than that, Roulette and Dragon Tiger are also some of the most sought after games of Allbet casino. Allbet reviews by Malaysians have also added another game to their list of popularity, Air Fighter.

Air Fighter is a more recent creation of Allbet casinos available to play in any portable device. It is a probability shooting game with the backdrop of historical fighting jets, diverse sky themes, and lively 3D animation. You get to enjoy the experience of various shooting modes such as Automatic Lock-on to Targets, Continuous Firing until Target Hit, and many more while playing this game. With such exciting features of Air Fighter, you will feel like you are in a real war room battling your way out giving you an absolutely fantastic experience. 

Intense stimulation, realistic visuals, and life form themes make Allbet gaming one of a kind. Now, you can play their most popular games from your mobile, tablet, or PC by joining our trusted and safest online casino, LV88. So, what are you waiting for? Check out your next gaming adventure today.